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"It’s a remarkable thing when total strangers bond so well –
and it’s thanks to great people like you. Thanks for keeping us
entertained, well-fed, and safe! You are the best!" Rob W.

Choose the Kookaburra Licensed Guides

KOOKABURRA is family owned and operated by Chris, Dave and Sharon Osgood of Salmon, Idaho. We are Licensed and Bonded Outfitters commercially permitted by the U.S.F.S. and the B.L.M. to run:

  • Whitewater rafting trips on the Main Salmon River, from North Fork, west to Corn Creek. 
  • Steelhead fishing on the Main from North Fork to Corn Creek. 
  • Flatwater trips and Fly fishing from the launch site at Kilpatrick to Corn Creek. 

As hands-on owners, we can assure you of the highest quality service, food, equipment and licensed, bonded guides to share with you the wonderful experience of the Salmon River... "The River of No Return".

EXCEPTIONAL GUEST SERVICE! . . . is our commitment to you We understand that each guest is unique - so we endeavor to provide interpretive and interactive opportunities. We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate guests in every way possible from River Rafting and Fishing to comfortable Vacation Cabins, so if you have special requirements please discuss them with us.

Our priorities follow in this order: safety, fun & adventure.

The Osgoods also own the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast, located near the banks of the Salmon River... a great place to jumpstart your vacation. Stay with us at the Inn for the best all-around vacation.

EXCELLENT SALMON RIVER SAFETY RECORD! Safety is our primary concern. White water rafting trips and guided tours do not commence if the water level is deemed unsafe. All guests are issued, and are required to wear at all times while on the river, a class 5 Personal Floatation Device (PFD). Each guide is trained in emergency first aid and carries with them on the boat an emergency first aid kit. In addition, a professional first-aid kit will be available on each trip. All guests will receive a Safety Clinic prior to launch.

RIVER FUN! is our goal, and it's easily achieved with our fun-loving crew to guide you through the exhilarating whitewater encountered on our stretch of river which includes Pine Creek rapid ... the rapid that changed history by dissuading the Lewis and Clark Expedition from using the Salmon River to reach the Pacific Ocean.

Choose World Class White Water: Salmon, ID

THE MAIN SALMON RIVER in Idaho is famous for World Class Guided White Water river trips.  The Salmon is the longest free flowing Wild River, slicing through the largest Wilderness Area, in the lower 48 States. It has carved a canyon deeper than the Grand Canyon and equally spectacular.

The water is clear and refreshing at a perfect swimming temperature of around 72 degrees mid-summer. The climate is hot and dry in the summer with occasional late afternoon thunderstorms passing swiftly and moodily by. 

IDAHO'S KNOWLEDGEABLE RIVER GUIDES from Kookaburra know the river, and know how to make sure you have a fun and safe vacation.

Choose Fabulous Salmon River Fishing!

We know the river and we know fishing. The Kookaburra fishing guides know every nook and cranny for the best fishing spots on the Salmon River. We have the equipment, the skills and the knowledge to take you on a great day of fishing. 


Choose River History & Fun

THE "LEWIS & CLARK STRETCH" OF THE MAIN SALMON RIVER! has the advantage of being remote yet accessible, rugged yet beautiful, and fun but not death-defying. It is home to much wildlife and fascinating history. From the Sheepeater Indians, to Lewis & Clark, to early gold prospectors, to pioneer river runners, this stretch has been steeped in historical grandeur. You can raft the river and explore the country... including an old gold mine!

WILDLIFE ON THE RIVER! On any trip there is a good chance of seeing Big Horn Sheep, Mule Deer, Moose, River Otter, Black Bear, Osprey, Golden Eagle and the best chance on the entire river to spy the elusive Mountain Goat!