Whitewater Rafting? Plan your trip.


Kookaburra Rafting llc is permitted on the Salmon River located in the Salmon and Challis National Forest and Kookaburra Rafting llc is a Equal Opportunity Provider.


REGULAR OPERATING SEASON IS MARCH 1ST - NOVEMBER 30TH. (Trips may be scheduled outside these dates with prior arrangement)

SPRING: JUNE - The Salmon River is a wild and scenic river with no dams to change the natural current. Springtime will have high fast water (sppox. 20,000 - 50,000 cfs). It is generally cool, with unpredictable weather. You can expect powerful hydraulics, lots of thrilling whitewater. Occasionally too high to run. The riverbanks will be lined with spring wildflowers and lots of wildlife.

SUMMER: JULY - You can expect high to medium water levels (apppox. 10,000 - 20.000 cfs). The Salmon River stabilizes and slows at this time with warmer and drier weather. July rafting season has numerous big, fun waves, excellent time for inflatable kayaking and paddling.

SUMMER: AUGUST - Deep summer has medium to low water on the Salmon River (approx. 2,000 - 10,000 cfs). Water is stabilized - clear with many exposed rock features, hot and dry weather, more technical rocky rapids punctuating slow, sedate pools ideal for swimming/floating and relaxing - water temperature in the 70's.

EARLY FALL: SEPTEMBER - Fall rafting has low to medium water levels. Water level increases from the dry days in August with cool crisp mornings usually with clear blue skies, dramatic canyon light as sun gets lower, fall colors begin to frame the canyon, reflecting in the water.


· Bathing Suit and/or Nylon Shorts
· Sunglasses & Keeper Straps
· Camera & Film (we have waterproof bags)
· T-Shirt or Tank Top
· Rain Jacket or Suit (just in case!)
· Sunscreen, Lip Balm & Hat
· Full Water Bottle
· River Sandals or Tennis Shoes
· Wool or Nylon Clothing for Warmth
· 1 Small Towel for drive out
· Some cash for souvenir photos, t-shirts, chocolate malts, guide gratuities, etc.


· 1 Pair of Jeans or Sweat Pants
· 2 Extra T-Shirts
· 3 Pairs of Underwear
· 1 Pair of Camp Shoes
· 1 Sweater or Sweatshirt
· 3 Pairs of Socks
· Toiletries
· Flashlight
· Insect Repellent (not usually needed)
· Wet Ones/Refresher Towelettes
· Spare Plastic Bag/Zip Lock (for wet/dirty clothes, etc.)


  • Cozy gear to sleep in: sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents or lodge & bed
  • High quality rafting equipment: life jackets, self-bailing rafts & kayaks, paddles, dry bags, etc.
  • Tasty food to eat: delicious meals, good snacks
  • Plenty to drink: water, lemonade, juice
  • Really cool information & entertainment: fun, knowledgeable, guides
  • Comfortable Transportation: to and from Salmon or North Fork.
  • A Great Gold Mine Tour: right beside the river


The Fresh Air - The Beautiful Canyon - The Wild River - The Abundant Wildlife - The Weather



  • Be ready to load into the van at the designated meeting time so that we can stay on schedule to meet other guests along the way.

  • Be dressed in what you will be wearing on the river (with an outer layer that you can take off at the put-in on cool mornings).

  • On overnight trips pack your camping gear (listed above on the right) in a small/medium duffle bag that you will not have access to during the day. This bag will go directly to camp in the morning.

  • Keep the items you do want with you during the day (listed above on the left, except for the towel which should be packed in your camp bag) in a separate small bag (just a plastic bag is best) and keep it with you at all times. There will be a dry bag on your raft in which to keep your camera and rain gear, while the water bottle and sunscreen can just stay in the boat.

  • Inform us ahead of time if you need extra cooler space for your own beer, soda, etc.

  • Give us a call at 208-756-4386 when you get into town (unless after 10 p.m.) so we know you are here and to exchange any last minute information.

  • Print this page and bring it with you when you travel.