Steelhead Fishing on Salmon River

The Main Salmon River, in Idaho, is a Steelheader's Paradise .

Steelhead Fishing Indianola Idaho

Spring & Fall Salmon River Steelhead Fishing:                   

One day Salmon River Steelhead fishing trips are available in October, November and March when the huge (10-20 lb) ocean-matured Rainbow Trout return to their spawning grounds in Idaho and offer fishermen premier sport fishing opportunities. With our expert guide at the oars you will be taken from one great Steelhead hole to the next in a precision drift boat with a maximum of 2 fishermen aboard. Affordable discounts for consecutive Day Trips are available. Price includes transportation and equipment if needed as well as lunch.

Salmon River Steelhead Fishing, 1-Day Option w/lunch on the Salmon River
Stay in Salmon, Idaho , and enjoy the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast. We will pick you up each morning at your place of lodging for a full day of fishing.

Trip Price - $410.00 per day (2 people per drift boat) $380.00 for one person,  does not include lodging.

Steelhead Fishing on the Salmon River


Salmon River Steelhead fishing is one of Idaho 's best kept secrets – explore the main Salmon in the spring when the river is at its best. Highlights include rapids, raptors and steelhead fishing.

Fly Fishing, Salmon and  Steelhead:

Enjoy fishing the spectacular Salmon River for steelhead during the months of March, April, October and November. Challenge the strength of the steelhead!

Our guests either spin, or fly fish, depending on what they are most comfortable using.

Catching Salmon River Steelhead

Just like all fishermen, seasoned Salmon River, steelheaders have their own methods of catching and landing a lunker. Here are a few tips from the pros on tackle for spring steelhead fishing.

Bobber and jig — Jigs should be pink, black, chartreuse, reds and purple. Or, instead of a jig, just use a hook with shrimp or sucker meat. A bobber is used to keep the jig from getting hung up in rocks and debris on the bottom of the stream. Position the bobber to keep the jig about six inches to a foot above the stream bottom.

Eggs and sinker — Beg, borrow or steal some steelhead eggs (roe), place them in a red mesh cloth and tie it to the fish hook. Place a sinker about a foot to 18 inches up the line, so the eggs will float off the bottom.

Flies — Use streamer flies in reds, yellows, pinks, black or orange. Tie some crystal flash in the tail. Woolly buggers or any leach pattern in darker colors can work. Some anglers hook a small piece of night crawler or shrimp to the hook.

Flies need to be weighted to get them near the bottom of the stream.

These same methods will also work with fall fishing, but anglers can also include hardware such as spoons and spinners.

Beginners are very welcome and equipment can be provided or bring your own.

Trip Price - $410.00 per day (2 people per drift boat) $380.00 for one person.


One-day Chukar hunting trips are available from mid-September through November. Enjoy a scenic float down the Salmon River with a fishing rod in one hand and a shot gun in the other. Fish for Salmon River Steelhead until your guide spots a covey of Chukar at river's edge then exchange your rod for your gun and take to the bank. Once you take your shot, our trained hunting dog will retrieve your birds. Let our guide and our dogs take the leg work out of hunting for this fast and exciting bird. Expert guides, well trained dog, transportation, all river equipment and a delicious lunch is provided. You need to furnish your own fishing rod and shot gun. Steel head rods are available to rent if needed.

One day Cast and Blast, and Salmon River steelhead fishing and chukar hunting $500.00 per boat, 1 to 2 hunters, lunch included.

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