Salmon River Rafting

Salmon river rafting is the adventure of a lifetime! The Main Salmon River is located in central Idaho, running along the peaks of the Continental Divide and off into the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area.

The Salmon River runs free and clear all year because it is designated as a Wild and Scenic River by Congress. This means it has no dams, and we are able to raft on water which is not subject to sudden rises and dips caused by any water management out of reservoirs. 

Salmon River Whitewater

The Salmon River has some nice smooth spots, for sure... but the steep country of the central Idaho mountains makes for fabulous whitewater runs all up and down the Main Salmon. Depending on if you book your trip in the spring, summer or fall, you can have some adventures running the waves of rapids like Upper Dutch Oven, or Pine Creek

Whitewater rafting on the river is exciting, but safe when in the hands of capable guides. Qualified guides not only provide the experience to run the tongues of the waves just right, but they also supply all the gear, and even feed you delicious food along the way!

You'll appreciate the skill of your whitewater guides when you come up on a nice rapid. One minute you are floating on the clear water, and then you feel the rush and pull of canyon as you pick up speed in a steep spot. Many rapids are full of giant boulders that have crashed down the high cliffs over the melenium, and your capable guides will steer you right through the best stream of water into the waves. Hitting the waves is an exciting rush (usually accompanied by a great splash!)

Salmon River Rafting is cool... both from the splash and the thrill.


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