Salmon River Steelhead Fishing


If these warm spring-like temperatures continue, we need to talk soon about your  spring steelhead fishing on the Salmon River. It's a good idea to start planning early for your guided steelhead fishing trip with Kookaburra Rafting while we have plenty of open slots to choose from.  Our daytime high temperatures are in the low 40's so we see snow and ice melting at a fairly rapid rate. We are looking forward to a great spring steelhead run. Call us and make your reservation today.

Spring Fishing

Hello, it is time to start thinking about Spring Steelhead Fishing on the Salmon River out of Salmon, Idaho. Our winter has been relatively mild, and we can almost smell spring in the air. Hopefully, we can get started fishing early this year. Call us for your early reservation.

Steelhead Fishing on Idaho's Upper Salmon River

If you haven't tried steelhead fishing the upper Salmon River, between Corn Creek and North Fork, ID, now is your chance. Make your reservation with Kookaburra Rafting, and plan to stay a night or two at the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast near Salmon, Idaho. The Greyhouse Inn is now offering a reduced rate for all rooms, some as low as $65 per night, double occupancy and a full breakfast is included. If you haven't already, plan your steelhead fish trip now!

The Steelhead are here

The steelhead are in!! Sunday, October 23, on Idaho's Salmon River between North Fork and Indianola, we caught 4 fish. One was a large male, a wild fish, and had to be returned to the river. The others were keepers!! Now is the time to make your reservation, so that we can work you into our busy trip schedule. Please plan your trip now!! 

Steelhead on the Salmon

Steelhead fishing on Idaho's Salmon River is improving daily. Now is the time to make your reservation for a guided steelhead fishing trip on the Salmon. If you plan an overnight trip, you'll find comfortable lodging and a hearty breakfast at the Greyhouse Inn Bed and Breakfast. The perfect combination: a pleasant night and an exciting  day on the river. 

Guided Salmon River Steelhead Trips

You can bring your own pole and your own line, "you bring a line and I'll bring a pole and we'll promenade to the steelhead hole", but if you like, we will furnish you with all the necessary equipment for a fine fishing day on the river. Our trips include: an experienced  fishing guide, a hearty lunch, transportation to and from the launch site and take-out, plus a memorable day on the beautiful Salmon River.


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