Salmon River clearing

Come and float the Salmon River with Kookaburra Rafting, the best whitewater guides on the river today! The river is getting clearer daily, but there is still lots of water. We have a trip planned for the 24th of July, reserve now to get on that boat. Dwina Noesbar, previous owner of Kookaburra might be your guide, call now and request her for the 24th.


Salmon River dropping

At last, the river is finally beginning to drop. Make no mistake, the water is still high and cold. We still have snow melt so the water is somewhat cloudy, but is starting to clear up. It's past the chocolate stage and is sort of greenish tinge. Make your reservation soon to take advantage of a exciting float trip.

The best Spring runoff since the 70's

Make your reservation for a whitewater float trip with Kookaburra Rafting righr away! Do not miss the opportunity to float the upper Salmon River during the best water year in ages. The Salmon basin is still 222% above the normal water year as of June 13. Ya gotta take on those big waves while they last. Book your trip and we'll see you soon!

Steelhead Fishing Good

Hurry, make your reservation for steelhead fishing on the upper Salmon River today. The river will likely remain clear for the next couple of days, after that who knows. Our guests caught three yesterday, and one on each of the previous two days before that. Day time temperatures are due to be in the 60 degree range after Wednesday, so better to hurry.

Last Chance for Spring Steelhead

Hello Steelhead Fishers,

We are getting down to the wire here on the Upper Salmon River for spring steelhead. The weather is cooperating right now and into next week looks good, but by next weekend it looks like a warmup to  60 plus degrees, so that will likely mean cloudy or possible coffee colored water again. I suggest booking it now, don't wait for the weekend.

Good Luck,

Steelhead Fishing Begins

Spring of 2017, steelhead fishing is just getting started. Fishers are now drift fishing from boats on the upper Salmon and the pressure is on! Make your reservation for two in the boat soon, with Kookaburra rafting and river trips. Remember, we furnish all the gear, plus your lunch and drinks, and transportation; you furnish warm clothing, a fishing license, and a steelhead permit. Book now!


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